Space Marine PC TEMPLATE

This is a template to use in defining your Deathwatch Space Marine


In the questions below, consider how your particular Space Marine feels about the subject. Some Marines are more deeply indoctrinated in the beliefs of their Chapter, but remember that you are not a mindless tool. If you disagree with your Chapter on a topic, remember that you are among friends, and try to explore your difference of opinion.

For ease of standardized formatting, once you have filled out the questions below, delete the question sentences, but leave the subject heading (and your answers, obviously). To avoid redundancy, go ahead and delete all this expository text up top, too.

[This space reserved for character bio information. Please note that this section may benefit from revision following the release of Deathwatch: Rites of Battle, which is purported to include additional support for character backgrounds.]

The Emperor
Do you consider the Emperor a legendary father figure (as most Chapters do) or as a divine being?

The Codex Astartes
How closely do you (or your Chapter) adhere to the Codex Astartes? Are you used to finding innovative solutions or do you prefer everything “by the book”?

How pure is your gene-seed? Some Chapters (Space Wolves and Blood Angels amongst them) have severe complications with their gene-seed. Some individual Space Marines have difficulties adjusting to particular effects of their Chapter’s gene-seed. Those from Successor Chapters may also find some difference in their gene-seed from that of their Chapter’s forebearers.

How do you (or your Chapter) view psykers? Most Chapters utilize Librarians and rely on psykers like most other facets of the Imperium, while some are far more suspicious of their nature or eschew the benefits of Librarians altogether.

How do you (or your Chapter) view the citizens of the Imperium and humanity as a whole? How do you react upon meeting and interacting with a normal Imperial citizen?

Space Marine PC TEMPLATE

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